Why beer becomes a good idea when you’re drunk..

In Uncategorized on August 31, 2008 at 5:35 am

I wish I knew that answer.

At one point yesterday evening I was asking myself that question: “Why does beer become such a great idea only when I’m drunk?” The next morning I’d have a quasi-answer in the way of a headache. Booze makes you stupid.

Not to say I haven’t had my best epiphanies when I was slammed. Last night most of which revolved around the soul. I’m very interested in the deliverance of a soul, the dispersion. Do we really just die? Or do we leave fragments of bone in the earth as our soul floats around & dances with the clouds? Probably neither. I actually don’t care much, but I always find myself in a half romantically dazed about it when I become drunk.

I think it all started because I was telling Brian that he brings out a different side in me, which he does. I’m very free & very open in his presence. I feel like there’s been years between us when it’s just been months. We’re kindred souls in a way, I suppose. At one point when we were going through the traditional chatting about your likes and dislikes when you first meet someone.. I squealed, “Tell me you love olives!” because we had that much in common. Our tastes are similar, our likes, our dislikes.. but we have striking differences too.

I’ve lost years of my life to the computer, but he’s never owned one. He’s so musically talented, but I can barely stand to pick up an instrument for more than ten minutes before I get frustrated & get a headache. He’s totally reckless at times and I’m a worrier, very conscious of every repercussion of my actions.

So how can we be so much alike & be so different. I went on a rant about how fragments of people who lived in the past’s souls were passed down into us as we were born. Not reincarnation in so many words, but a collection of the universe? Things come together and create a full puzzle – to create us. Maybe I have fragments of his past soul, as well as he has parts of mine. Perhaps that’s the “spark” people find between each other. Perhaps that’s “love at first sight”, friendship, opposites attracting, deja vu.. memories we never experienced, but we’ve seen before… in a past life. Maybe we knew their soul in a past life, or like I said, we could share a fragment.

Maybe that’s why beer becomes a good idea when I’m drunk.

♦ En-rich-ed in thought.


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