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This was the first day I got to walk around for such a long period of time. It felt good, minus my bad judgement on wearing a wedge heel. It was pretty much a geek sandwich: toasted omgwtfbbqnoob bread, Superhero salami, a slice of boobs-without-nipples-cheese with a seasoning of Venture Brother’s cos-play. I’m trying to be witty, but there’s no chance of that at 4am.

Finally I found some amazing art for my room. My favorite was Laura Klein. If I wasn’t trying to edit myself, I would have bought her entire book! I wish she had more to pick from because she’s very talented. I love art that can make me squeal and giggle and truly appreciate it as well.

[Abused Pac-man.]

[They weren’t kidding when they called me, well.. a witch.]

I have the print of a group of Ewoks and one of R2 & Leia. I adore her art! She reminds me a little of Lenore.

Speaking of amazing! Christopher Darden! I wish I got a print from this artist, but the print I wanted he didn’t have scanned. Of coarse it was Iron Man. I popped total wood! Drool! Hopefully he’ll have the print available. His technique reminded me of the Kanji writing we did back in high school. He used the traditional brushes, but I’m not sure what type of ink he used. Instead of a canvas he used something that looked like a huge dry dry erase board. Just watching him was memorizing. His technique was so unique and his work was nothing less than breath taking! Edgy and dark. It fit right in with the characters he was painting. I was going to buy a Joker print, but I’d already bought a watercolor print and I didn’t want to look obsessed with the Joker. Even though he has to be my favorite comic book villain.

[Does it come in black..?]

I\'m Batman.

[Why so .. serious .. ]


I can’t wait to get some of his art!

All and all I had a great day with Wifey! I really need to step outside of my shell & pull her outside hers to go do stuff more often. Today was awesome just because we got to geek out while surrounded by geeks. Also, she pointed out we were the only ones there without boyfriends. Girlfriends do it better anyway. Ha!

Never fear, I have Spiderman pantylines/Venom fanny packs to share later.



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