I need an adventure!

In Uncategorized on April 28, 2008 at 4:45 am

It’s spring and I’m getting antsy for a change. This time of the year always inspires me to break out of my behind the computer and venture out into the real world. I’m going to blame it on the tax returns, I just got my check this weekend. It only inspires me to buy useless stuff when I should be saving to move out this summer. Patrick or not, this is going to happen!

My dad lost his temper with me today over nothing. I hadn’t put my registration in the car, but I hadn’t used my car except for yesterday when I drove to Wifey & Rob’s, but Rob drove to Deptford. It wasn’t such a big deal, but he freaked out today. I wasn’t feeling good in the first place, so I probably was a lot more sensitive to the situation then I needed to be.

So, useless purchase of the Tax Season!

I already got two new outfits. A new hat, some undies, a shirt, pants, a purse and some stockings. Along with dinner. So, a portion of my check is already gone. I have to send Lexi & Woman’s package later this week, so there goes at least 1/4 of the check. With state still coming, incentive, and my check from the Board coming through, it’ll be a great start to saving to move out. After my surgery, I expect to get a part-time/full-time job, ending the summer up in Dealer School. Then at the end of summer I want to find a job down in AC, then an apartment. I need to put in my paperwork for Stockton & see if I can transfer from Drexel, which would be great because it’s either that or I’m going to transfer to Drexel and live up in the city. Either way, I want to be out of the house by Christmas. My school plan is to take 4 classes (so I have a full-time student status for health insurance) and a course or two in culinary school. I don’t know if I can really do this, if I’m disciplined enough to be that motivated or my Epstein Barr won’t kick in about 2 months into it.. so we’ll see.

I might go to Washington for the weekend next week or the week after, before my surgery.

Washington, DC, unfortunately. I want to just walk around the city and take in the architecture on my own. Try to set out and define myself. Take photography & see the historical sites again. I think it’s a really important place to start to define the historical & photography side of my interests.. Which I’ve been lacking a lot of lately. No motivation. None at all.

So let’s think.. where do we want to go?



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