I understand you’re gay, but it doesn’t mean our love can’t be..

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2008 at 7:05 am

I’m in love with Jay Mccarroll!

This season has been going on forever! It’s been like nine months! I could have conveived in that amount of time. Let’s be done with this season and move on to Top Chef Miami, okay? Okay!

Jay quotes! It makes me miss the old days of season one. I appreciate you, Jay.. enough to make a blog post about your blog posts.. That’s LOVE.

[On the models in season one..]

they ended up looking like cave women who were forced into the seedy world of porn from high fashion modeling. that really does happen apparently. i think i saw it on sally jesse once.

[On Epi. 2’s budget]

i think i paid $10 to fart at mood once. all i can suspect now is that there will be a lot of “favors” being “handed” out between the designers and the hot guys that work there.

[On Ricky’s obsessive crying]

can someone please get that ricky character a pill, a drink, some smoke…..something. the girl’s panties are wedged so far up her crack she done cryin’ again. where zulema. where’s my girl zulema. zulema be like “ricky stop bein’ a pussy. you gonna cry…you cry and draw….i don’t care if you cry. cry and draw” ahhhh zulema. hero!

[On Tim]

tim comes in to offer some catch phrases.

[On Marion/Steven’s look for SJP]

pan down to the belt. we’re good…we’re good. now the…my god, what the chico’s is it? fringe city of all nations!


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