In Uncategorized on February 9, 2008 at 2:10 am

Don’t watch romantic movies drunk.

My parents left for the weekend to see my aunt in Indiana, so the first thing I do is pour myself a drink. Just like I’m a teenager again dipping into their stash when they’re not looking. After today, I needed something to relax me a little. When I saw Richard Gere on TV, I had to stop in hopes it would be Pretty Woman. When I saw Jason Alexander pop up, I squealed in excitement & poured another drink.

It’s the way he looks at her. They emphasize it so greatly. The path of his eyes are always on her, in this dazed amazement. Like everything she does is new nature to him, that he’s never seen anyone do before. It made me a little teary, I have these days, where I want his touch. Just a touch. I might be quite sexually deprived, but that’s not what I want. Just a touch, a smile, a kiss. A long distance relationship neglects that.. but that’s all. I always back up over my words of worry & sadness. Why? Because every tear I have now, will make that first touch that much more insatiable. Not easier, just better.

Pretty Woman is such an amazing movie. My favorite scene is where they’re talking in the bathtub. A man who’s so closed, so cold to the world, opens to this woman. His hurt he shares with her, a total stranger. She washes him.. in more ways than one. It’s so amazingly intimate without being smut.

She’s so sassy, I love it! A rich man with a real woman. Perhaps that’s why it’s so wildly popular because most American women can see herself in her. A real girl who gets a break. This doesn’t happen in real life. You’re lucky just to find someone who understands you, who knows you..

I’m that lucky.


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