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“A child embarassed by his mother,”
she said, “is just a child who hasn’t
lived long enough.”

The Day I Embarssed My Mother

“A pea!”
“A peeee.. like urine?” I watch my best friend of five year’s expression wrinkle.
“No, like pea’s, the things in the can. The things you eat.”
“Ugh. You know.. two pea’s in a pod!”
“Can I get a skull a cross bone one?”
She gives me a blank look before shrugging.

Later that evening we drove into the city, into the commercial plaza that held the greatest sin possible to a Christan, a tattoo parlor. I’d wrote “Mroz” at least fifteen times on the back of an envelope by the time we got to the spanning bridge.


I pulled the side of my pants down eagerly, pressing the nail of my index finger into the soft flesh over and over to see if it would really hurt to get a tattoo there. Along the way I decided a cherry blossom would be appropriate, though it turned out more like a daisy in the end, with petals being blown across the lettering.

My mother was going to be upset.

It didn’t hurt. I compared it to a bee sting afterwards to my crying best friend. She didn’t believe me.

Most people who knew me didn’t believe I got one & it only made me more proud when I had to expose my hip to them to prove them wrong. I’d show anyone who’d look, except my family. [Tbc..]


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