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Puzzle Pirates: My Vice.

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Mostly harmless.

zxzzzxzzxzxxzx enter.

Am I addicted? Wow, such an amusing word to use, eh? At least they’ve never hurt me. At least I can sign off without a inkling of caring what my punishment is. Well, it’s most likely not about that, because I do feel connected, I do feel bonded? Maybe it’s silly to get attached over a game, yes, I’m not irrational and I don’t believe that. You sit down & your playing a computer half the time. There’s real people out there behind those screens, though. Each one of them with an unique personality. I’ve met the best set of people I could & just because they live thousands of miles away, I should be crushed under this stereotype of … loser?

Before even finding Puzzle Pirates I was constantly playing puzzle games. I’d sit for hours on end putting together jigsaws. One night I did 3 puzzles and watched a Monk marathon. Puzzles on top of puzzle action! Probably not so much in the same vein, but it does explain why I’m better at carpentry then any other puzzle (minus noob bilging). If I practice a little stfu, I would probably be decent. I’m a good spartical thinker. So why can’t I just enjoy my time?

My ambition to accomplish something via Puzzle Pirates is almost pushing me… to want to do something different. Live somewhere else, not be stuck in this trapped feeling I have at the moment. Maybe I do want to go back to college, even for a half a semester. Just somewhere else. I’ve never lived alone, I’ve never had to make it. New Jersey.. goodbye? Haven’t we all be trying to get out of here for so long, but.. that state limit sign smacks us in the face as we get to the border. Maybe Massachusetts, maybe North Caroline, maybe Alabama? Maybe the other side of the country? Maybe another country? I’ve never lived like a kid, I’ve been tied down to being an adult. Do you know how hard it is for me to type with no capital letters, punctuation, or the condensed versions of words? Yeah, pretty freaking hard. I have to hen-peck for the right keys. What girl, let alone one just coming out of being a teenager, has the title “Bleeding Demographic” as her blog title? Answer: not many. I should be thinking about shoes not the blight of social norms.

I want to go to Las Vegas for the Y!PP “get together”. Most likely just to make fun of the people I play with, but to actually experience these people face to face. I’m no darling, I’m not looker.. maybe I’ll just fit in. It’s seriously something I want to do.

After not getting the job for the State, I’ve felt hopeless. Even though I prayed and cried to let the Fates to let me keep my current job, I don’t want to be there anymore. I’ve been there five years now and that’s enough. When the phone rings in the morning for my new assignment, I pick it up and hang it up in the same motion. As much as I love my kids, I hate the job that much more.

Maybe just disappointed because I was ill-prepared. I’d like to think I would have gotten the job if I compiled my resume better and didn’t conk out on the interview. “So, why didn’t you finish college?” Um.. I dunno, Sir. I do type over 60 wpm when I want to, problem is.. I’m not too keen on accuracy. At least getting the job offer would have made me feel accomplished.

So, I’m going to get my real estate license. Even if I don’t end up flipping/selling houses, I want it just for my own sake. Then I’ll get implants so I can really move the market

.. one boob at a time.



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The Widow Queen’s Lament.

When will he come home to me?
Mangos, Coconuts, Durians and Limes.
A wife of a mariner, I look out to sea,
For I have lost a dear one of mine.

My mind imagines the ship’s keel.
Mangos, Coconuts, Durians and Limes.
The captain poised behind the wheel,
And he’ll bring back a dear one of mine.

Another night has come and it’s fell,
Mangos, Coconuts, Durians and Limes.
My heart has fallen tender, soft, and not well,
And he won’t return, the dear one of mine.
To the seas I take to sing my lament.
Mangos, Coconuts, Durians and Limes.
Each pirate on the seas shall feel this torment.
And I shall search for the dear one of mine.

Mauraders tread lightly on my sea
Mangos, Coconuts, Durians and Limes.
For your blood shall be shed [for he..]
And then she’ll be a true love of mine.