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Today I was listening to the Jersey Guys. In the past I respected these two men as intelligent, open-minded voices of the state. As I slowly lost respect for them as they started to turn to midget jokes, just zoning out on the opinions of their callers by playing the Super Mario theme, and just other displays that disgusted me. Today they broke that boundary with me. Seven simple words: “It’s not my fault Indians were stupid.”

Taken out of context that sounds extremely bad. Put back into the context of the “discussion” it’s border line racist. The discussion was about the Trail of Tears. Since I only listened to about five to ten minutes, I’m not sure how the subject was brought up. At the top of every half hour or hour they just start a new discussion, so I’m guessing it was a random topic.

During the time I actually could stomach listening to them they also said that Indians were probably too dumb to have children laying down. They would just stand up, plop the kid out, and smash the umbilical cord with a stone, then be done with it all.

Mm. When I Wikied them on accident I found out they took a lot of heat for racial comments about Asians. It’s nice to know that one of the most popular radio talk show hosts (Their broadcast reaches all of NJ, including Southern NJ, and the Eastern part of PE. Not to mention they have a streaming broadcast on the web that callers have said they’ve used.) are bottom line racists. I may be borderline hag for writing such a post, but this is completely uncalled for. These men are old enough to have lived through the Civil Rights movement, to see a modern day Trail of Tears, but they can still sit behind their mic’s and allow themselves to put down a race in the context of a racial holocaust. My respect for them is lost.

I’d even thought of calling them out on their opinions, but I decided against it. Not only do they screen their calls, they also talk over their callers & use the method of just playing music over them to totally zone them out. It’s one show, two opinions, but ignorance is what racism lives on.

Phildelphia is also considering to require every high school student to take an African American Studies class as a graduation requirement. Not a minority study class, but an African American Studies class. Isn’t that almost racist? Shouldn’t we look at racism as a whole, not just as one race and culture? I will be the first to admit that African Americans have had a large struggle over time and they still have a long way to go with some close minded people. If we taught tolerance by using blind eyes instead of sectioning out “Blacks”, “Asians”, “Whites”, “Indian”.. and just calling us people! Through the past we learn how to settle the future. We should never forget our culture, we also can’t dwell on it forever.

In high school I took Minority Studies as a elective because I was interested in teaching a class similar to that after college. The root of racism comes from ignorance. My hopes and dreams back then were to touch lives with knowledge, to extend the idea that every human is the same. Our ancestors all suffered oppression of the past, all the way down to the first American settlers, but we can’t be tied down by it. We need to correct our mistakes, realize we’re all one body united under the name “American”, and build a stronger bond between races.

Among the students in the class, I was one of the three white people. There was only one Minority class in the day, too. There were 2 Hispanic people and the rest of the twenty odd students we had were African American. I was the top student in the class, along with another white boy. The black students were there because it was an easy class, not to learn about their history. This is not to say that all black people do this just the ones in my class.

One time we had a debate about pro-slavery v. anti-slavery, I’d had to debate the pro-slavery side. One of my retorts was, “Why buy the horse, if the labor is free.” In now way do I condone slavery or racism, but I do read KKK literature. Why? To understand both sides. Even if I don’t agree with the KKK, at least I, well.. try to understand their reasoning. Also, it helps me to poke holes in their defense of their actions and beliefs.

“Why buy the horse, if the labor is free?” In my mind I already had the answer: It’s a human life, not an animal. Instead the other side just glared at me and a girl spoke up with, “Your ancestors enslaved my ancestors!” My ancestors were in Ireland and Poland until the 1900s. I wasn’t aware that slavery was an issue in either of their homelands or in the 1900s (segregation was still in effect, but slaves were freed by that time).

So stop the blaming! Move on. Fix the problem! Why don’t blacks and whites work together as a unit instead of fighting over things that haven’t directly effected us. If anything she should have been proud of her grandparent’s generation who fought for her to be in a desegregated school system. You know why? …because I’m proud of them.

NAACP has deemed the use of the word “Nigger” as being inappropriate for everyone to say. That only about fifty-two years.

We’re all just people inside, as clique as it may be, outer wrapping. Why not just make us equal? No white man is better then any black man for color reasons and vise versa. So why raise one up above the other? Because of hardship? That’s not true. If it was, then us Irish American’s would have a class built around our history. Not to mention my Polish ancestors who are still impoverished in Poland. My ancestors never owned slaves. I’m a third generation American.


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