In Uncategorized on November 23, 2006 at 6:39 am
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means I’m just about four weeks late on the holiday spirit. Seriously, I was flipping through the FM today only to hear “Christmas Shoes” crooning away. Not only is that the only song that can bring me to tears in a matter of moments, it pains me to see us shove Halloween and Thanksgiving {Thank’s Giveing, as they spell it at work, picture to be posted on Monday.} into the back of the closet. Are our attics too full of Christmas cheer to allow another holiday in? Not to mention, both holidays celebrate the center of my life: f-o-o-d. We’re not talkin‘ about rice cakes and trail mix here, we’re talkin‘ about dark meat, gravy, sugar coma’s… and best of all…

P-u-m-p-k-i-n P-i-e.

Mm. Anything that has the acronym “PP” is okay with meh. So have a happy Pumpkin Pie Day, you effin deserve it after getting the fall holiday teet ripped away from you this year!

I’m still debating weither I have enough courage/patience to go out again on Black Friday. As much as I’d like to go to Jackson, that’s a long drive with a lot of traffic. Nu-uh. Maybe I’ll go to Target. It’s so nice having one only 5-10 miles away now instead of 40-50. All I ask for now is a Moe’s. Not only will I be cheap head to toe, I’ll be a fat mexican? Yee ha.

Wa and I talked a lot of things out, which is good. Also, I made a brown Ninja today out of scrap felt. Looking at the poor thing you’d think he’d had a stroke. One side seems limps and lifeless, while the other side was a pretty damn good attempt at figure making.

Tomorrow’s goals:
— Eat too much.
— Sew the eyes on Ninj4.
— Sketch out a ChibiRobo doll & hat.
— Abuse boyfriend for beating my game before me.
— Sleep a lot, probably.
— Read the article on LED tee’s.
— Enjoy the day.

I’m hoping tomorrow isn’t like today. All it’s done is rain, rain, rain! It’s freezing cold rain too. Which no fun.

So, Happy Pumpkin Pie Day!


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